Certified Documentation and Data Management Association 

Application for any Company Membership type will result in a full audit of the organization's systems and structures surrounding Document Management, specific to the membership type, and to the industry the organization functions in.

The initial audit may result in a report indicating non-compliant issues, with recommended actions for correction. A subsequent audit must be requested once the organization has completed the recommended remedies.

The initial and secondary audits are included in the annual membership fees however, any additional audits will be invoiced to the applying member at a flat rate of $495.00 (Canadian dollars).

Once all requirements have been met, the organization will become a member of the type of company membership for which they applied.

If a second type of membership is applied for by the same organization, both types of membership will require independent audits and independent payment of membership fees.

Each year the organization is a member of CDDMA, they will be required to participate in an audit of a similar, if not the same, requirements. If requirements change during the year (between audits), organizations will be provided no less than 90 days to comply with the new standards before those changes are audited.

All audits will include a review of written policies, processes and procedures. Depending on the type of organization, it will also include a review of the Document Management department's Work instructions.

A full review of the structure for the storage of the documentation and data will be included. It is not a requirement for an organization to use software to manage their documentation and data however, CDDMA may make a recommendation to move to a software tool if the management of the data is hindered by a manual system. This review will require the auditor to have access into the system. A full non-disclosure and privacy agreement will be signed between CDDMA and the member company.

Evidence will be required to ensure that any and all applicable policies, processes and procedures are implemented throughout the organization. This will be reviewed by random spot interviews, group meetings, and other investigative means, as required.

Certified Documentation and Data Management Association (CDDMA)

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