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Bernadette Bosse - Chairman of the Board and CEO of CDDMA  

Ms. Bosse has 18 years of experience with the industry sector. She has spent years as a Purchaser, Inventory Controller, Expeditor and Document Controller. She has worked alongside all facets of the progression of a project to create Document Control, Drafting, Project Management, Procurement and Asset Management systems and processes.

Being a part of and assisting others with adequate project scoping and estimating regarding information, deliverables and flow of documentation and data within all departments, as well as working closely with Project Cost Controls gives her the holistic viewpoint that is required to establish considerate and well planned processes.

Bernadette is the co-owner and President and CEO of dms360 Ltd., a consulting company that specializes in Information, Documentation and Data, and Communication Management across the engineering sector.

Bernadette is also the co-founder and principle instructor of ZanEdU College, a global online education institute offering over 500 hours of courses pertaining to documentation and data management.

Email Bernadette at bbosse@cdma-intl.com


Bridget Carrancho - Secretary of the Board and Director of Operations of CDDMA

Mrs. Carrancho has more than 25 years of experience in management, operational development and day-to-day operations in a variety of industries. This has allowed her to understand from the bottom up the most important aspects of efficiency in corporate and project cost control, human resources and administration management, as well as corporate growth forecasts and mapping, planning and execution of operational directives, and software and information systems management.

Bridget has a high level of understanding on corporate regulations regarding compliancy, confidentiality and liability, and has a sound base in shareholder and investor agreements and relations.

Bridget is also the co-owner and Director of Operational Affairs of dms360 Ltd. and co-founder of ZanEdU College.

Email Bridget at bcarrancho@cdma-intl.com  


Steve Rudkowski - Treasurer of the Board and Accountant of CDDMA

Mr. Rudkowski is a partner with Seguro LLP, located in Calgary, AB, Canada. A big-4 trained Chartered Accountant with 15 years in public accounting, Mr. Rudkowski has a broad range of experience with various industries, not for profit, business start-ups, assurance and tax.

Email Steve at srudkowski@cdma-intl.com

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