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Gaining certification in Documentation and Data Management will indicate to employers the level of training and competency of a prospective individual, as well as gaining professional recognition amongst peers. The certification means that the individual can not only provide the level of service to an organization's activities that will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the function, but also assist in the safety, compliance and security of an organization's information.

Individuals will be required to successfully complete the specified courses within their chosen career channel, as well as a competence exam. To request a copy of the exam, please email members@cdma-intl.com. Within each career channel, there are two types of memberships, Associate and Professional. The requirements for each type of membership, along with a description of the career channels is detailed in the links below:

Individuals may have more than one chosen career channel. Each will be detailed on the certificate. If a member has qualified as a Professional Member in one channel, the member will receive a separate certificate for that channel. Where a member qualifies as a Professional Member in one (or more) channel/s and is also qualified as an Associate Member in another (or more than one), the member will only be required to pay the Professional Member annual fees.

All Individual Memberships are bound by the standards guidelines and best practices as set forth in the CDDMA standards, including all ethical requirements. All fees are in Canadian Dollars.

Associate Membership fees are $195.00 flat fee per annum

Professional Membership fees are $295.00 flat fee per annum

Memberships are renewable on 1 January every year

Individuals need to apply to CDDMA for individual membership by completing the online registration form, or by filling in the manual registration form which can be mailed to the address below along with the membership fee payment. CDDMA will review all applications and approval will be given based on the requirements as set forth by the Association.

Membership dues are invoiced on 15 December each year for the following year and are payable by 15 January. Any membership not renewed by 31 January will result in a lapse of membership. Payment forms acceptable to the Association are PayPal and Cheque. If you do not have PayPal in your country, please contact CDDMA to make alternative payment arrangements.

Cheques and Money Orders are to be made out to the Certified Document Management Association of Canada and mailed with the completed application to:

Attention: Memberships

402, 225 - 25 Ave SW

Calgary Alberta

T2S 2V2


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