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There  are many elements to managing documentation and data that do not rely on specific industries' requirements. These are the guiding principles behind logical and practical practices. These are the building blocks of an organization in any industry to begin down the path to excellent management of documentation.

CDM-DM-STD-001 Purpose of Standards pdf

Provides an overview of why standards in Documentation and Data Management are required, and how we can use them as a platform to solve the need in this field.

CDM-DM-STD-002 Divisions of Documentation and Data Management pdf

This standard provides an outline of the four main divisions of document and data management, breaking it down into Corporate Governance, Modifiable Facility Files, Publishing Documentation, and Supplier Data Management.

CDM-DM-STD-003 Documentation and Data Categories pdf

Categorizing different documentation and data files allows us to determine the groups into which each file belongs. This identifies the specific needs for nomenclature, security, workflows, and a variety of other elements.

CDM-DM-STD-004 Hard, Electronic and Digital Classification pdf

Classifying files by format types for the same information allows us to establish control, chain of custody and security of the files. It also aids in the integration between documents and digital data.

CDM-DM-STD-005 Common Acronyms and Terminology (General) pdf

There are many technical abbreviation guides in bookstores, but very few for documentation and data management terms. This guideline outlines many of the acronyms and terminology that documentation and data managers will be required to use.

CDM-DM-STD-006 Ethics and Code of Conduct pdf

This standard highlights the minimum requirements of member's behavior. It also outlines the process for non-conformance of this standard.

CDM-DM-STD-007 Documentation Approval Guidelines pdf

A guideline to show the minimum consideration for establishing an approvals matrix. Approvals are required to ensure the users of the data can confirm the validity of the content.

CDM-DM-STD-008 Numbering and Naming Conventions and Revisions Structures pdf

This guideline provides the minimum required considerations for the establishment of both a numbering convention, file naming, and a revision structure for all documents and data files.

CDM-DM-STD-009 Folder Structures, Metadata and Securities pdf

There are many considerations and integrated thinking that goes into creating a folder structure in which to store your live data, tracking the mechanisms, and the security of the data within a system. This standard provides the minimum requirements to consider.

CDM-DM-STD-010 Corporate Governance Documentation pdf

Regardless of facilities or projects, corporate governance documentation drives the purpose and culture of any organization. The creation and control of this data is a top priority.

CDM-DM-STD-011 Publishing Documentation pdf

Publishing data requires more than a simple distribution plan. It requires and understanding and interaction with the creators and the users of the data, and must entail methodology for quality, security, and traceability of data.

CDM-DM-STD-012 Modifiable File Management (General) pdf

Managing modifiable files is one of the most complicated and intricate elements of Document Management, and can have the most profound effect on safety and liability. This standard provides minimum considerations for the system.

CDM-DM-STD-014 Documentation Expediting pdf

Expediting documentation is key to ensuring the flow of data continues as it should, providing required data as and when it is needed.

CDM-DM-STD-015 Quality Assurance and Quality Control pdf

Quality is the number one priority in the management of information, and this standard provides the minimum considerations for the assurance of quality in creation of data, and the tools that ensure proper use of the data.

CDM-DM-STD-016 Project Interaction pdf

This guideline sets the parameters for the integration between data management and project management and execution.

CDM-DM-STD-017 Document Process Liability Protection pdf

Data is most profound to liability protection. This guideline provides the minimum considerations for liability protection.

CDM-DM-STD-019 Scoping and Estimating pdf

This guideline provides the basic concepts behind scoping and estimating documentation requirements into any project or organization.

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