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There are many  different industries within the engineering sector, and while each industry has their unique needs, the types of documentation and data and the management strategies required, are similar. These engineering sector document and data management standards are designed to work with the nuances that the engineering world brings.

CDM-DM-STD-013 Incoming Supplier Documentation and Data pdf

This guideline provides the foundation on which to manage incoming data from material and service suppliers, from expectations to review, and how to integrate it with and operating organization.

CDM-DM-STD-018 Safety and Environmental Considerations pdf

Much of the data used contains elements relating to the safety of humans in the construction, maintenance, operations, and occupation of a facility, as well as elements that could affect the environment. This guideline provides the mapping considerations between data management and safety and environment.

CDM-DM-STD-020 Software Evaluation Guidelines (Engineering Sector) pdf

This guideline will provide considerations when selecting software platforms for different elements of data management across the engineering sector and organization types.

CDM-DM-STD-021 Common Acronyms and Terminology (Engineering Sector) pdf

This is an additional guideline for the acronyms and terms commonly found in the engineering sector.

CDM-DM-STD-022 Modifiable File Management (Engineering Sector) pdf

These are additional standards specific to the engineering sector when managing modifiable files.

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