Certified Documentation and Data Management Association 

Message from the CEO - "There is a vision shared by many, where the corporate world provides all the necessary tools and resources that are required either for individuals in their place of employment, or for owners to operate their companies, where nothing inhibits their performance.

There are many challenges and hurdles that employees and organizations face in the business world, one of which is as simple as not having accurate information when needed to make sound business decisions, or to perform activities or job functions. It is imperative that people can rely on documentation and data as correct and up to date. If the data they rely on is not of a high quality and accurate, is well communicated and readily available, errors and omissions of important decision making could have disastrous effects, resulting in inadequate performance, safety, environmental, or confidential information mismanagement. People also deserve not to have to spend hour after frustrating hour searching for hardcopy or electronic documents, information or forms.

It is so much more than just the storage of information, it is peace of mind that there is consistency on how all due diligence, legal requirements, and regulations are met, and that all effort is made to ensure the highest quality information possible, wherein quality also pertains to integration of digital elements during information capture and use.

I am very proud to say that CDDMA is an association with such a vision. Our mission and passion is to provide long overdue standards, guidelines, and written best practices to individuals and organizations alike, and to certify those people and companies in the field of Document and Data Management. We expect a high level of standard from our members, each in their particular industry, service, or activity. In doing this, we are creating an educated and reliable corpus of resources to ensure that the fundamental basis for the management and communication of documentation and data, is established and maintained.

Our entire vision rests on the concept of lean and efficient, free from redundant and overly bureaucratic elements, ultimately creating a safer, more resilient, and more financially responsible system of managing information."

CDDMA is establishing committees to review detailed requirements and to create written standards to integrate Documentation and Data Management into Construction, Procurement, Project Management, and other professional groups. 

Certified Documentation and Data Management Association (CDDMA)

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