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Operating Company memberships are awarded to organizations that perform a role within an industry and in the process, create documentation and data. This data is created for either internal use, external use, or both.

Examples of Operating Companies include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Asset owners
  • Engineering contractors
  • Survey companies
  • Construction companies
  • Utility companies
  • Mining companies
  • Law firms
  • Medical equipment companies

Requirements for Operating Company members are as follows:

  • The organization has CDDMA approved document and data management processes and procedures in all divisions of document management.
  • Processes and Procedures are in accordance with the documentation and data standards as set forth by CDDMA.
  • The organization has shown evidence that documented processes and procedures are currently implemented and are adhered to by all personnel.
  • The organization has a fully functioning Document Control department (or equivalent and where relevant) that encompasses all applicable document management divisions.
  • For companies with three or more Document Controllers, the management and supervisory levels of said department must be active Professional Members of CDDMA (exceptions may apply).
  • For companies with less than three Document Controllers, there must be at least one Associate Member and access to consultation by a Professional Member.

Please see the audit requirements here.

Operating Company Members are non-voting members.

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