Certified Documentation and Data Management Association 

Written standard practices are vital to ensuring not only quality and consistent service, but to lay the foundation for excellence in the management of information outside of RIM. It integrates all elements of a complete system, to ensure that all parties involved in the creation of the management systems understand the mechanisms of controlling data, the reasons for the controls, and can all work to the same common goal.

All standards are written and approved by CDDMA and take safety, prudency and efficiency into consideration.

Without  these standards, industries have been left to develop independent strategies, which has resulted in a vast array of practices, some of which have caused harm to communication flow, to physical assets, to people, and to the environment.

If followed, these standards will ensure the best possible foundation for an organization's documentation and data control systems, enabling a safer, more cost efficient, timely, and accurate progression of any activity relying on documentation or digital data.

Another highly advantageous benefit to standardization, is the seamless communication between different organizations that are required to work together on any given activity, be it between client and contractor, or operating organizations and government regulatory agencies.

Certified Documentation and Data Management Association (CDDMA)

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