Certified Document Management Association of Canada 

The Certified Document Management Association of Canada (CDMAC) is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of the Document Management service for all industries across the nation. The goal is to create an environment of educated professionals as well as written and standardized best practices in the management of hard copy, electronic, and digital data. This ties in to Records and Information Management (RIM) down the line.

CDMAC accomplishes these goals by creating, vetting, and obtaining board approval of written standards across all divisions of Document Management, which includes managing modifiable files, corporate governance documentation, published data, and incoming equipment and/or service supplier data. In conjunction with this, CDMAC also certifies both individuals and organizations in the realm of Document Management. Individuals are required to undergo rigorous education in order to qualify for the different levels of Certified Document Controller, and organizations will be required to pass annual audits specific to their role in various industries.


A top of the line advisory board has been gathered from multiple different fields and disciplines. This advisory team reviews and provides input into each standard as it is created. This ensures that all standards do in fact depict the best possible practice of managing documentation and data. This advisory team will grow as required to capture all areas of specialty that any future standards rely on.

Certified Document Management Association of Canada (CDMAC)

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